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About Us

Silvio Landi discovers photography as a child, looking thru the viewfinder of an old grandfather’s camera, and convince himself to have found a magical object. Today, almost thirty years after, he still believes in this magical side of photography.
Endless research of a different point of view, a movement, a depth of field that gives the third dimension in a picture that has inevitably only two of them, are only some of the aspects of that magical side found and pursued.
From Landscape and Nature photography, passing thru the underwater one, to portraits and reportages, in every kind his pictures are not only a simple copy of the reality, but tend to include the essence and soul of the things or people pictured.

From film to digital cameras, technologic step give the total control on the final result of each image.

Curiosity, photographic passion and experimentation bring his camera everywhere.


Looking with heart's eye, is the guideline, always.