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Frequently Asked Questions about wedding service or ceremony

faq What kind of Photo do you take?
faq Do you make only classical photo, or can you make also digital Photobook?
faq Do you make also Video services?
faq What kind of equipment do you use?
faq How many pictures do you take for a Wedding service?
faq Travel expense?
faq Who chooses the pictures?
faq Do you mind if anyone shoots during the ceremony?
faq Do you retouch the pictures?
faq Do you deliver the original pictures?
faq Do I need to contact to have re-prints of my pictures?

faqWhat kind of Photo do you take?

In wedding photography, each photographer has his own style, or at least it should be like that, generally speaking our pictures are so flexible, we are good at adapting our professionalism and experience to customer needs and taste: Classical, Modern, Glamour, Reportage, Black and White, Street, Fashion, etc. are several styles we use to tell Your most beautiful day, You will have to say what you prefer, after taking a look at our demo books, and we fulfil your wishes.

faqDo you make only classical photo, or can you make also digital Photobook?

We make easily both kind of services, with classical glossy or mat photographic paper at your choice, or digital and more modern Photobook with personalized cover with your picture in front. Same things for parents albums. Moreover, we have several and different interesting products and offers, so just contact us for more info.

faqDo you make also Video services?

We use to offer an ‘all inclusive’ offer, with photo and video services.
We offer a very high quality service also in wedding video. We work with professional cameramen, with High Definition equipments on request, and steadycams also.

Always to give to customer the best available service, we use to edit by ourself the footage without including third party, selecting scene by scene, with music eventually choosen by You, and in all with a competitive cost that, compared with the quality result obtained, is ridiculous…

faqWhat kind of equipment do you use?

In our Studio we have Nikon Professional equipment cameras, with on camera professional Studio flash. For the wedding day on ‘field’, always Nikon flash, body and lens, digital and film cameras, for Fine art printing (if requested).
Often with a second photographer, to have double of pictures for the wedding day. Also we use reflecting panels, backgrounds when requested, fans, etc.

faqHow many pictures do you take for a Wedding service?

We LOVE Photography, so we tend to shoot a lot, that means a big workload afterwards, but we do prefer giving the best to customer. Generally speaking, for a service with only one photographer, we use to shoot 800-900 pictures, it depends a lot on the kind of service requested; if it includes pre-wedding session, studio session and the complete restaurant party, that number can raise up to 1000-1100 pictures. Very often we use to work in TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS, so it will easily double.

faqTravel expense?

We have our ‘base’ in Rome, so we can easily reach any part of Italy (we use to go On North or South Italy) and also abroad. So just ask us for a quote and info.

faqWho chooses the pictures?

A lot of photographers make themselves the selection, for a simple reason: time. Doing that job with the Spouses require lot of time, time is money, and for this reason they prefer giving their complete product doing that selection without the guys. A photographer has indeed eye and experience to do smoothly this job alone, BUT…there is a ‘but’…
We LOVE to do this job, we are also married, so we know what means to get married for anyone who really believes that day is to be the one of the best day in own life, so we do believe that You have the rights, being the main protagonist of that day, to decide WHAT You want to see in your book, how many pictures, what pictures, and so on. Our help will be only to suggest, guid and only in few cases, impose our photographic point of view with the experience to choose the best shot for a certain situation.

So, in all, it does not matter if we spend a whole afternoon with You, but YOU are the protagonist, YOU choose Your pictures.

faqDo you mind if anyone shoots during the ceremony?

Generally speaking no at all, obviously he should be at his side and to shoot with discretion, in particular into the Church where the Officer Priest are often annoyed by our job alraedy. Our job is to give You a PERFECT product, thus a guest always in the middle of Your pictures is not the best for You.

faqDo you retouch the pictures?

Yes we do, unfortunately, in the sense that being animated by passion and perfectionism, we want to see our shots to be perfect, this requires LOT of time, think about analysing one by one 800-900 pictures, it’s a several week job, not a joke!!
Many people think that a professional photographer ends his job with the wedding day, unfortunately it’s not so, this is only the beginning!!! The composition rules, the light and the details during the shooting session are fundamental, but it is also important the perfection in every detail.
We know that many people do not love digital effects, heavy retouch, but You will tell us the sign we cannot cross, this is another side of our respect to Your needs.

faqDo you deliver the original pictures?

We have also this possibility, for this reason in the quote we use to give, there is an option for requesting the originals of the pictures, that will be the post-produced ones, and in high definition ready–to-print for posters or enlargements.

faqDo I need to contact to have re-prints of my pictures?

Generally yes, due to copyrights on the originals, but if you choose the option for the Originals in DVD, you can do it by yourself. We are anyway available always for suggestions or help, we are YOUR preferred Photographers, isn’t it?