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Storytelling by picture the Wedding day of a couple of Spouses it is for us a great privilege. And for that reason we enter in Sposes’ house before, and into the Churches or in the Celebration Places after, with the given professionalism and discretion that such an event requires, always planning with Bride and Groom and according to their needs and availability each and every aspect of our job in your most beautiful day, to not to leave even the smallest detail to chance.

No matter what will be the style requested (classic, reportage), the storytelling of Your ‘Bride and Groom’ day will be focused on feeling, in every shot, in every detail, in every sight.

As a Photographic Studio, we love to spend a lot of time for Bride and Groom. From Wedding Plan before the Nuptial day, to picture selection on 42” Full-HD screen, passing thru post-production and touch-up of all the shoots (skin retouch, digital effect, BW and color toning, painted effecte, and more…), till to composition of the albums, some of them made by hands, the whole production process is always under our control and/or supervision to obtain the best in quality at a non-expensive cost.

In our Services there will be always two professional photographers that will take care of Bride and Groom (our policy impose us to NEVER perform more than one ceremony in the same day, for Spouses respect). Whenever the Spouses will choose to have Video Service as well, a professional Cameraman will be added (two when required) with professional equipment and even cinema devices (Steady, Crane, etc) that that will act and move under our control.

We are available also for Engagement/Wedding shooting sessions in most famous spot locations in Rome for foreigners coming form abroad.

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